Swiss New Normal

Researching the impact of home office on transport demand


We, the Institute of transport planning and systems (IVT) at ETH Zurich and our project partners want to understand

  • Who has access to home office and what determines the number of days an individual works from home?
  • Is there a connection between home office frequency and mobility tools owned?
  • What are the consequences of home office on transport demand?

To answer these question, we will employ a mix of methods. Three survey instruments have been designed in order to understand individual circumstances and decision making. With help of the collected data, statistical models can be estimated predicting the probability of an individual working from home on any given day. Further, the models tell us something about the connection between home office frequency and preferences for mobility tool ownership. We then can leverage the models in our multi-agent transport simulator MATSim, which allows us to comment on transport demand implications.


Below is a curated list of conference contributions, journal papers, and other reports.

Multimodality in the Swiss New Normal

Poster presented at the Center for Sustainable Future Mobility kick-off event

Contributions of can, may and want to the home office frequency decision

Paper to be presented at the hEART conference 2023

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